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Hillside Roofing & Gutter

Sheathing over ship-lap decking, this photo also shows the ridge opened up for ridge venting.

Hillside Roofing & Gutter

Ship-lap, a type of plank decking installed from the 1930s into the 1960s has been known to cause issues with composition shingles due to its irregularities. The sure-fire fix is to simply install CDX plywood over the original plank roof decking, eliminating any possible issues in the future. We install the plywood using standard building practices with end seams falling on rafters to provide the strongest, smoothest results possible.

In this photo, we are repairing the damage caused due to insufficient attic ventilation by replacing the ridge beam and then moving on to the rafter damage. Here at Hillside Roofing, we have the skills to repair just about anything.

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