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You have questions, we have answers. The following information has been compiled from over 30 years of experience in roofing and repair to inform the homeowner of the roofing process and the limits of contractor responsibility. Not all this information may apply to your particular job, especially the sections on structural damage. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here or you are looking for details regarding a specific project, Contact Us and we will happily help you with them.


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With extensive training and a strong attention to detail, you can rest assured that Hillside Roofing will not just get the job done, but get it done right. One crew will work your roofing project from start to finish, ensuring a consistent quality, consideration and timeliness.


icon  Will weather affect Hillside Roofing’s work schedule?

Hillside Roofing schedules its work according to the receipt of signed contracts in our office; however in the Pacific Northwest weather can be unpredictable. Weather has the potential to be a major limiting factor in scheduling our work as some roofing materials can only be applied in dry weather.

For example, a flat roof will require additional days of dry weather to evaporate all moisture prior to roofing. This usually affects the set schedule and results in unavoidable delays. On the other hand, sloping roofs may be re-roofed as long as precipitation is not threatening. At Hillside Roofing, we give priority to emergency situations whenever possible.

icon  Is there anything I need to do before Hillside Roofing begins work?

As the homeowner, you will be responsible for removing any vehicle that may obstruct access to the roof or could become subject to damage by dropped material because it remains too close to the working area. This includes cars parked in the garage.

Whenever overhanging branches or bushes obstruct roofing work or access to the roof, we will request that you, the homeowner, do the necessary trimming or tying back in order to eliminate any possible damage. This will make the job safer and cleanup easier. Hillside Roofing shall be held harmless if such trimming becomes necessary on the job.

icon  Hillside Roofing has large trucks, should I worry about my driveway?

We have our own large trucks weighing anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 lbs. will be accessing your driveway so it falls on the homeowner to be aware of the equipment requirements to carry out the loading and tear off of materials. Because of this, it should be no surprise that on occasion driveways have cracked.

While our dump tricks are not very heavy, our suppliers trucks can be due to use of cranes and conveyors.  However, these suppliers can often deliver material without parking in your driveway.

Hillside Roofing and their material suppliers cannot be held responsible should this happen. If you have apprehensions about this, please bring it to our attention. Note that we do not use dumpsters – this allows the occupants to have their driveway back after we leave for the day.

icon  When Hillside Roofing is working on the outside of my house, should I worry about the inside?

When tearing off an old roof or nailing down new roof sheathing, the vibration may cause plasterboard nails or screws on the ceiling to show through. This is especially true when the plasterboard has been wet or was originally lightly secured. In such cases, you may anticipate having to do some spackling or paint touch-up.

icon  What kind of cleanup can I expect while Hillside Roofing works on my roof?

Roofing work over a ceiling constructed of boards or decking material may allow dust, dirt and old roofing to fall inside the building/attic. Lumber has often dried out sufficiently to create gaps in joints and cracks large enough to pass dirt and sometimes even small gravel. The owner should anticipate this and cover or even remove valuables in the building/attic. We will always do our best to clean up roofing debris outside, however the interior cleaning remains the homeowner’s responsibility.

icon   What happens if Hillside Roofing finds dry rot and/or structural damage?

Occasionally we encounter dry rot or structural damage that is not visible until the roof is removed. If this happens, carpenter repair work might be required before we can proceed with the roofing work. In our estimate, we provide for roofing work only as outlined, unless specific carpenter work is described.

In such cases, we will leave the damaged area open for the homeowner’s inspection and for the owner to arrange for repairs. Should the owner not be available at that time, Hillside Roofing shall have the option to make such repairs as necessary, so the roofing work can be completed. Hillside Roofing will also have the option to apply a temporary cover over the area for the damage to be repaired at a later date.

The additional costs – if any – for the temporary covering, structural repairs and/or resulting leaks shall remain the owner’s responsibility. Should Hillside Roofing or its employees become involved in a damage repair or emergency situation, they shall not be held liable for dirt, mud water or other damage resulting from attempting to resolve the problem.

Condensation can cause structural damage and dry rot. Most often the reason for condensation is improper ventilation. Ventilation code is for every 300 sq. ft. of attic space, you need one sq. ft. (144”) of ventilation. We will make recommendations to the owner on how to improve ventilation. Roofing work however, is done at the request of the owner to solve his roofing need, and is not intended to correct condensation problems unless specific work for that has been outlined in the contract.

On occasion our applicators have fallen through rotted plywood and while they take the utmost care for this to not happen, it does. Rarely, they have fallen through the interior drywall and should this happen Hillside Roofing will be held harmless.

icon  What kind of roofing maintenance does Hillside Roofing suggest?

All roofs require annual maintenance. This means removal of debris, algae and moss because keeping a roof clean is the best thing you can do. Visual or physical inspection should be done every year to keep clear of debris.

icon  Does Hillside Roofing offer a warranty on its services?

Hillside Roofing extends a warranty limited to labor and materials supplied by us as determined in your contract. Should the roofing fail due to workmanship or materials we supplied, Hillside Roofing shall repair or replace at our option, and to our specification that portion of roofing found to be faulty.

A warranty is given on complete roofing or re-roofing only, and does not apply to patching, repair or coating work. A warranty is void if there is any work done to the roofing, i.e. cutting into, adding on or applying additional materials without the approval of Hillside Roofing.

Damage to the roofing, i.e., traffic, nailing, drilling, mounting signs, equipment, antennas, etc is also not covered. Falling debris or objects causing penetrations shall void the warranty. All warranties are void if the contract amount is not paid as per agreement. A warranty should not be confused with the life expectancy of the roofing.

icon  Does Hillside Roofing outsource the work?

No. One crew will work on your project from start to finish. Factory trained and certified, our crew of full time employees will ensure your project is done both correctly and in a timely and considerate manner.


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This is an example of one of Hillside Roofing’s completed projects outfitted with a high profile ridge cap and continuous ridge vent system.


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