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Hillside Roofing & Gutters takes pride in being a hands on roofing contractor, specializing in residential roofing, light commercial roofing and roofing repair. Each job is monitored by a foreman and a superintendent to ensure our clients are getting the most knowledgeable and direct service.

We take steps to protect your landscape and care for the surroundings as we work, and strive to maintain a clean worksite. Along with roofing installation and roof repair on flat and sloped roofs, we also do low slope applications using asphalt-based, modified Bitumen membrane and treated and untreated cedar shakes and shingles. Additionally we have extensive knowledge and experience with skylights, downspouts, gutters and gutter conversions.

With quality materials from top manufacturers, Hillside Roofing uses a number of products to suit each project including flat or low slope roofs, cedar shakes and cedar shingles, as well as downspouts and gutters in wood, aluminum and copper. Below are a few of manufacturers that we are proud to use.

Floating Home Roofing Repair

We do floating homes too! Working on the water requires special consideration for obvious environmental reasons. Luckily, we are up for the task.

Owens Corning

Hillside Roofing

Two crews working side by side. We use our own dump trucks, not dumpsters. The typical re-roof project takes 2 – 3 days. Use of our own dump trucks allows the customer have their driveway back overnight, this is not possible if there is a dumpster parked on site for the duration. This is just one of the little things we do to try to make the inconvenience of re-roofing a little less disrupting.

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Always Remember:

"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better."

- John Ruskin

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